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Natural Looking Tooth Fillings

Are you looking for a provider of tooth-colored fillings? Our dentists have been providing their friends and neighbors in the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida with teeth fillings and other dental services for well over a decade. Their expertise with color matching of composite and porcelain materials means your fillings, inlays or onlays will perfectly blend with your surrounding tooth enamel.

Should you whiten your teeth before or after restorative treatment?

Teeth whitening rejuvenates a smile by removing the staining that builds up over time. If you need an immediate filling before whitening, your Smile Design dentist will advise you and help you achieve the end results you desire. You have the option of whitening your teeth prior to restorative treatments, so the materials chosen for your dental restorations match the tooth color you prefer. If a lighter, brighter smile is one of your goals, share this goal with the dentist prior to treatment.

Would you like to replace old silver amalgam fillings with tooth-colored fillings?

Many patients seeking smile makeovers wonder if their older amalgam fillings should be replaced. If silver-colored fillings are visible when you smile, talk, and laugh, a smile makeover that includes replacement of fillings will help make you look many years younger, healthier, and naturally beautiful. If the fillings are not visible and your Smile Design dentist has determined they are in good condition, replacement will not be required to achieve the health and aesthetic results you want. Should an amalgam-filled tooth require retreatment to preserve the health of the tooth, then tooth-colored materials can, of course, be used.

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