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Do you need a denture to replace missing teeth? 

Have you been disappointed with the fit and comfort of an existing denture? You can turn to Smile Design Dentistry for help. We’ll fit you for custom fabricated complete dentures when all of the teeth are missing and partial dentures when some natural teeth remain. We also offer implant-retained dentures for the best and most long-lasting results. We will be happy to evaluate your oral health and discuss treatment options with you. Today, you have options and can have improved comfort, function and aesthetics. Enjoy your life much more!

Customized for you 

The professionals at Smile Design Dentistry are committed to offering the very best full and partial dentures to patients throughout Florida. Not only do we provide denture treatment for those who need a denture and have never worn one before, but we also treat patients who have worn dentures and are dissatisfied with their fit and function over time. During your exam and consultation appointment, your local Smile Design dentist will explain to you your options, what is newly possible with today’s dental materials and methods, and the relative advantages and costs of each.

Because our dental implant experts consult with denture wearers every week who are unhappy with the fit of their dentures, you may want to consider implant treatment. The treatment of edentulous mouths with prosthetic teeth placed on a few implants has become the highest standard of care available today, and we are proud to offer this service.

Why Dentures Require Relining or Replacement Over Time

Over time, changes in jawbone tissue result in uncomfortable denture fit, instability, and oftentimes, poor appearance. Many patients throughout Florida want to avoid the need for periodic relining or a new denture due to bone resorption. They want the benefits of dental implant treatment.

Upgrading to a Stable Denture on a Small Number of Dental Implants

Denture wearers can upgrade to a more stable denture retained on dental implants, and benefit from long term significantly increased stability, biting strength, and comfort. Due to today’s fine dental materials and methods, their denture will look entirely natural and give them a beautiful smile.

The new implant-retained denture will be held in place by a minimal number of implants that are optimally placed and angled to make maximum use of available bone tissue.

Even in cases where all the biological teeth are missing and the patient has been wearing a full overdenture for a long time, a hybrid denture can be permanently retained on as few as 4 implants. The outer two dental implants are angled beneath the gum line to make them better situated to support the entire rear section of the denture.

Due to today’s materials and methods, patients who have worn a partial denture and undergone jawbone resorption can have a multi-unit implant prosthesis to replace multiple teeth. If a bone graft is needed to develop bone tissue prior to implant treatment, our experts will create a successful treatment plan and help you achieve this.

Snap On Lower Dentures Are Today’s Affordable High Standard of Care

Because lower complete dentures have the tendency to slip out of place, many patients are choosing a better option. They are choosing to have a snap on lower denture that snaps on and off a minimum number of small, easily inserted implants. The improved chewing function, and the ability to speak and smile with confidence, make the investment greatly worthwhile. The cost of this kind of treatment has come down, so it may surprise you to learn what this treatment would cost for your particular oral health circumstances. If you aren’t looking forward to wearing a traditional lower overdenture or you are frustrated with your current lower denture and want a better solution, please give us a call today!


Family-owned and operated, Smile Design provides personalized attention for each of our patients throughout the state of Florida. We believe in building a strong, trusting relationship with our patients and we’ll take the time to get to know you, listen to your concerns, and answer any questions you may have about your dental hygiene, oral health problems, the treatments our doctors recommend, and your smile appearance.

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