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Invisalign® | Clear Braces

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Dental braces have been used for years to help patients both young and old have a more beautiful radiant smile. In years past, many patients had metal braces that had to be worn for months or even years. Some patients still need or choose to have metal braces, but there is another option with the Invisalign® system. In this system, the dentist works with the patient to map out the exact tooth movements that are required. Then a series of custom-made aligners are produced that will slowly and gently move and adjust the teeth over time. The main advantages over metal braces are that these aligners are clear and removable, removing a large amount of the embarrassment factor and allowing the patient to eat whatever they like during the course of treatment.

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The professionals at Smile Design Dentistry have been the go-to provider of dental braces in Tampa, FL for over a decade. Additionally, we have provided our neighbors in Tampa clear braces for that whole time. Our experienced cosmetic dentists will work with you and create a custom roadmap for your brace treatment, ensuring you will have the smile you always wanted.

Invisalign is easy

When you visit your local, Tampa Invisalign braces specialist, he or she will work with you to map out the exact tooth adjustments that are necessary. Then, a series of custom aligners are produced that, when worn, will slowly and gently adjust and move your teeth over time. The best part is that the aligners are clear and removable. You won’t feel self-conscious about your smile and you do not need to adjust your diet.

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The experts at Smile Design Dentistry are the premier providers of invisible braces in Tampa, FL. Our experienced cosmetic dentists are trained and certified, ensuring you receive the best care imaginable. Additionally, our dentists never swap schedules or refer to outside specialists. This means that you will work with the same team each time you visit our office, helping to build long-term and trusting relationships.

To learn more about why the Invisalign system may be a better choice for you than traditional dental braces, contact a Smile Design Dentistry location near you!

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The professionals at Smile Design Dentistry have been providing orthodontic services for over a decade. Braces have been used for years to help give patients – both young and old – a more beautiful, radiant smile. Some people need or choose to have the traditional, metal braces that must be worn for long periods of time, even years. However, there is another option: clear, Invisalign braces.