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About Us

Family-owned and operated, Smile Design has 50 offices across Central Florida and the Tampa Bay area.

By encouraging empowerment, we establish a culture of passionate employees and confident patients.
Your smile is our goal.

Smile Design Dentistry was founded in 2004, striving to offer Tampa Bay residents a rich and focused patient experience while providing comprehensive dental care. We have expanded from our original single office in Dade City to several additional offices across Florida. When you choose to visit a dentist at Smile Design Dentistry, you’ll be taken care of by an experienced and comforting dental professional with a strong commitment to patient satisfaction and personalized care.

Your local dentist, wherever you are

We enjoy providing affordable and painless dental care to dozens of communities across Florida. We also believe in fostering our own sense of community by building trusting relationships with our patients. That’s why you’ll always see the same dentist and hygienist each time you have an appointment. Whether you need dental implants, veneers, or a simple checkup, a Smile Design dentist can help you achieve the brilliant smile you deserve.

Contact us today. If you would like more information about our Practice, check out our Blog. Or, to learn more about our outstanding doctors, click here.