Say Yes to Adult Invisalign® Treatment at Smile Design Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is more affordable than ever, and adults of all ages are embracing their ability to afford or finance beautiful smiles that enhance their HEALTH, CAREERS, and SOCIAL LIFE. If you have crowded teeth, irregularly spaced teeth, turned teeth, teeth that have shifted since you had orthodontics as a teen… you name it… we have the answer, and it is Invisalign® treatment.

Others are unlikely to notice you are wearing Invisalign® aligners.

Because of the ease, comfort, and CLARITY of the aligners, Invisalign® aligners are the top choice for orthodontic treatment among adults nationwide. They do not interfere with your busy life and ability to eat your favorite foods or to clean your teeth. The aligners are so smooth, they are comfortable to wear. They are easy to remove for meals and teeth brushing. They are so nearly clear, only you are likely to know that you are wearing them.

Well positioned teeth are healthier teeth.

It is healthier for you to have straight teeth that are properly aligned to eliminate gaps and crowding. Occlusal (biting surface) wear will be minimized over the years and you will be able to more thoroughly brush and floss.

You deserve to smile with confidence.

Almost everyone who has a great smile has had orthodontic treatment of some kind. Straighter teeth will increase your self-confidence, and you will smile more freely. Confidence is very attractive to other people, whether you are on the job or on a date. Flashing a beautiful smile that signals health and prosperity will transform your life for the better.

We make it easier for you to afford Invisalign.

At Smile Design Dentistry, we are committed to providing affordable dental care, including installment plans, and third-party financing for families and individuals operating on a budget. For example, we can assist you in applying to CareCredit, GreenSky, or Lending Club. See Paying for Your Dental Care.

So many adults are doing it…

Invisalign® aligners are so discreet and popular among adults that it is totally acceptable to get orthodontic treatment at any age. It’s not uncommon for adults in even the last third of their life to receive this treatment.

Why wait any longer? Call us for a complimentary Invisalign® treatment consultation today.