Replace Missing Teeth to Improve Oral and Systemic Health

There are multiple reasons to replace missing teeth. At Smile Design Dentistry, we encourage our patients to replace a lost tooth with a dental implant or traditional bridge as soon as possible. This will do more than repair your smile, it will maintain proper tooth spacing and allow you to properly chew foods. Dental implants have the added advantages of being a more permanent and conservative solution, stimulating bone tissue to sustain bone health and volume. The stability of an implant can improve biting strength.

Not only will your oral health benefit by replacement of missing teeth, but your systemic health and enjoyment of life also will greatly improve. One of the best ways that dentists have found to ensure strong teeth, gums, and jaws is through the use of dental implants. In the case of multiple missing teeth, we can use implants to secure dentures in place and thus eliminate the shifting and floating that occur when you have to depend on denture adhesives. You will confidently smile, talk and eat all of the foods you enjoy.

Nutrition and digestion will improve. Strong chewing is needed to chew fresh vegetables, nuts and lean meat. Fiber and vitamins from optimal nutrition are needed for heart health, digestive health, muscle and bone strength, and immune support.

The longer you delay in replacing missing teeth with an implant prosthesis, the more time there is for your teeth to shift, your natural bite to change, and for jawbone tissue to undergo resorption, so please understand our encouragement to restore your mouth is in your best interest. As jawbone tissue shrinks (which can be significant in as little as six months) and teeth drift, the more extensive treatment needs to be to improve bone health for implants and fit the implant prosthesis.

Talk to your Smile Design Dentistry dentist about what can be done to replace your missing tooth or teeth. For your health’s sake, don’t delay.