Smile Makeovers with Long Lasting Beauty and Function in Mind

When you invest in a smile makeover, you want the results to last. You want more than a dazzling smile. You want a comfortable, strong bite that doesn’t place stress on your teeth and the muscles and joints of your jaws. You want restorations that last long into the future. You also want healthy gum and bone tissue. This is why our Smile Design dentists perform a thorough examination and diagnostic work-up for your mouth before they recommend smile enhancement procedures.

Just like you, we want the best results, and we want those results to last a long time. For this, a healthy foundation is needed, and that means healthy gums and disease free teeth. Perhaps, your mouth is so healthy that all you need is treatment for dental stains. In many cases, it means adjustment of your bite or realignment of your teeth. If you have lost teeth or have teeth that are failing, implant retained crowns, bridges, or dentures may be the best solution. Perhaps, your dental circumstances are appropriate for the use of veneers instead of orthodontics and/or crowns. Veneers are a conservative approach that requires minimal treatment.

Coming up with a comprehensive plan for your smile means our dentists will take into consideration the health issues present, how your teeth function together, your priorities for your mouth, and your budget concerns. You will be advised about the current status of your teeth, periodontal tissue, and jaw function. Your oral health goals will be discussed and treatment options that are in your best interest for oral health will be discussed. Together, with your Smile Design dentist, you will develop a practical plan for transforming your smile that improves health, function, comfort and beauty at each step of the way.

If you would like an initial consultation with one of our dentists to discuss your goals, we will be happy to schedule a complimentary appointment (no fee charged). You’ll get to know us and understand better your mouth and your options. You will be under no obligation to continue with diagnosis and treatment planning. You will not be pressured to accept immediate treatment. You will remain in control.

When you schedule a smile makeover consultation, feel free to tell the receptionist about your concerns and dental history. Our entire Smile Design team wants to help you! Call your local Smile Design office today.