When Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

In an ideal world, you would keep your full set of adult teeth throughout your entire life. Unfortunately, circumstances occur that warrant the removal of a tooth by surgical means. Tooth extraction becomes necessary when a tooth is extensively damaged due to decay, trauma, or crowding. Severe pain, infection, or compromised oral health may also require extraction. At Smile Design Dentistry, our team addresses these issues with personalized care, ensuring our patients receive effective solutions tailored to their unique dental needs.

What Are the Two Most Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is frequently required due to severe dental decay or fractures that compromise a tooth’s integrity. Additionally, overcrowding, especially common with wisdom teeth, may necessitate extraction to maintain oral health.

Decayed or Fractured Teeth

Decayed or fractured teeth pose significant challenges to oral health. If a tooth becomes severely decayed or is fractured due to traumatic injury, restoration of the natural tooth may not be possible. When decay progresses to an advanced stage, affecting the tooth’s structural integrity, or when a tooth is fractured beyond repair, extraction becomes a viable solution. In some cases, teeth have been lost already, and removal of a remaining tooth is recommended to wear a stable denture.

At Smile Design Dentistry, our commitment is to preserve natural teeth whenever feasible. However, in cases where extraction is necessary, our experienced team ensures a painless and comfortable procedure. Following the extraction, we discuss suitable replacement options, such as dental implants, bridges, or dentures, tailored to restore both functionality and aesthetics for our patients.

Crowded Teeth

When teeth lack room to erupt properly, overcrowding occurs, leading to misalignment, discomfort, and hygiene challenges. In some cases, teeth are unable to erupt and subsequently put pressure on neighboring teeth, causing pain and damage. Wisdom teeth, or non-essential third molars, often contribute to crowding, and their removal can create space and improve oral health.

Smile Design Dentistry’s team expertly assesses overcrowding’s impact and, if necessary, prioritizes a comfortable and seamless extraction experience. By removing problematic teeth, we create space for proper alignment, alleviate discomfort, and simplify oral hygiene, ultimately improving your overall oral health.

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