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We want to be your dentist. Smile Design Dentistry is establishing local dental offices throughout Florida to serve local communities. Our location in Palm Harbor is conveniently located for the residents of Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, and surrounding communities. Our dentist in Palm Harbor, FL is Dr. Youssef Riad, an experienced dentist in comprehensive general dentistry and whole mouth rehabilitation. Because each of our Smile Design dentists is given autonomy to practice the finest and most appropriate dentistry in the most affordable way, we know you will feel right at home and be pleased.

Smile Design Palm Harbor Dentist Overview

Smile Design provides the expertise you deserve at a savings. Because our general dentists are chosen for expertise and experience, we can offer a wide array of dental services inside a single location. Dr. Riad will provide the gentle care you need, whether it’s regular oral exams and teeth cleaning, fillings, dentures, crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, or tooth extraction.

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Contact Smile Design Palm Harbor to learn more about our dental services, for regular exams, cosmetic dental care, TMJ treatment, and more.

Emergency Dental Treatment at Smile Design in Palm Harbor

Whether you have a sudden toothache, persistent discomfort, cracked a tooth, lost a filling, or find you have a loose tooth or broken dental restoration, we are here to be of service. No matter what the situation, we will try to make your visit as painless and as stress-free as possible. We are ready to give you the expert, gentle care you deserve!

When you visit a dentist at Smile Design Dentistry, you will be informed about your current oral health, as well as any necessary treatments. We’ll spend time going over your options and answering your questions. We work hard to make sure our patients always receive expert care and personal attention.

Let’s Work Together

When you visit Dr. Youssef Riad at Smile Design in Palm Harbor, he will inform you of your current oral health, as well as any necessary treatments, so you’ll always know your options. We work hard to make sure our patients always receive expert care and personal attention.

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Some additional benefits of choosing Smile Design Palm Harbor Dentist:
  • A complimentary insurance benefits check prior to your first visit
  • Affordable pricing and financing plans available for any costs not covered by your insurance
  • Digital x-rays that use 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays
  • Peace of mind knowing that you’ll see the same dentist and hygienist each time you visit