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Fluoride Treatment

Smile Design Dentistry utilizes fluoride treatments to help prevent tooth decay and increase remineralization of teeth. If your teeth have become sensitive due to enamel erosion, or if you are susceptible to tooth decay, fluoride treatment, at any age, will be very beneficial.

The procedure is simple. A fluoride varnish is brushed upon the surfaces of the teeth and dries in place quickly. The minerals in the varnish are absorbed by tooth enamel over the next few hours until you brush your teeth. For best results, the treatment should be repeated every three to four months. Many patients request the treatment be done at the time of their regular dental cleanings.

Detecting problems and treating them promptly before they advance is the goal of preventive care. Even if you are personally unaware of any oral health problems, it’s important that you have regular dental check-ups and professional teeth cleanings to spot problems early and to maintain a high level of oral health that prevents diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis from starting. Your local Smile Design dentist will recommend the frequency of those visits based upon your oral health circumstances.

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If it has been six months since your last dental cleaning and checkup, you are overdue for the preventive dental care you need to ensure oral health. If you have experienced dental decay or dental sensitivity, fast, safe, low-cost fluoride treatment should be considered. A local Smile Design dentist will examine you, converse with you, and expertly advise you. Give Smile Design Dentistry a call today!