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Protective Dental Sealants

One of the measures you can take to prevent cavities is to accept treatment with sealants. Your Smile Design dentist will recommend sealants if the treatment is medically indicated. The procedure is very comfortable, so even children find it easy. The tooth surface is thoroughly cleaned and dried. A thin plastic coating material is then painted onto the grooves of the tooth and hardened with a special light. Even in the case of multiple teeth, the entire process is fast. Sealants typically last a long time and can protect teeth from decay for many years before they need replacement.

When should dental sealants be applied?

Sealants are applied when the dentist observes deep grooves in teeth and thinks there will be a high risk of tooth decay in the grooves. While fluoride treatment has greatly reduced the number of cavities, it does little to protect enamel in the grooves of your teeth. Dental sealants add extra protection where decay is most likely to occur. Any tooth with grooves can benefit from being protected with dental sealant, so sealants may be recommended for molars and premolars. Permanent molars that erupt around age 12 are particularly susceptible to decay due to deep grooves. Sealants can last for many months and years. Sticky candy and hard foods may crack and dislodge sealants. The dentist will examine the condition of sealants during regular dental checkups and suggest reapplication when necessary.

Does my family need both sealants and fluoride treatment?

Fluoride treatments can be very beneficial, even if you have dental sealants, because sealants only protect the surface of the groove they are applied to. If your Smile Design dentist recommends both treatments, it is because teeth have suffered erosion or the teeth are at risk of dental decay on all tooth surfaces. Both treatments are beneficial, not harmful. They can lead to a childhood and a lifetime of optimal oral health.

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