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Is your smile making you frown? Smile Design Dentistry provides the citizens of Tampa Bay and Central Florida restorative dentistry services that are both affordable and expertly done. When you come to one of our offices, your local Smile Design Dentistry dentist will consult with you about your oral health and the various treatment options that are most appropriate for your care. We will answer your questions and explain our payment options. This will ensure you have all the facts, and you can comfortably make an informed decision.

We can help you take care of teeth that are infected, decayed, broken, cracked, or even missing. As one of the premier providers of dental restorations in Florida, you can rest assured that your local Smile Design Dentistry dentist can accurately diagnose the condition of your teeth, offer the most predictably long lasting treatments that will solve present problems, and preserve or replace your teeth. We’ll work with you, on your schedule, to restore your teeth in an efficient and friendly manner. And, we’ll help you maximize use of your dental benefits or make use of financing options.

Our Dentures, Crowns and Bridges Are Customized Just for You

You can count on Smile Design Dentistry for Dentures, Crowns and Bridges that fit, function, appear natural and last!

Dentures: Do you need a denture to replace missing teeth? Have you been disappointed with the fit and comfort of an existing denture? You can turn to Smile Design Dentistry for help. We’ll fit you for custom fabricated complete dentures when all of the teeth are missing and partial dentures when some natural teeth remain. We also offer implant retained dentures for the best and most long-lasting results. We will be happy to evaluate your oral health and discuss treatment options with you. Today, you have options and can have improved comfort, function and aesthetics. Enjoy your life much more!

Dental Crowns: If you have a weakened tooth due to excessive wear, a crack, a large cavity or root canal therapy, a crown may be the most effective way to treat it. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, function, and appearance. It fully encases the visible part of the tooth that is above the gum line. The recommended crown material is often determined by an individual’s bite and aesthetic considerations, and is usually made of all porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. Your Smile Design Dentistry dentist will explain your options to you and help you make decisions. All of our crowns are custom designed in collaboration with our partnering dental lab. Our dentist will make sure the shape, fit, and appearance of your crown are optimal in your smile. If you need a root canal prior to a crown, we have an endodontic specialist who can perform this procedure in your local Smile Design Dentistry office. If you have lost a tooth or if a tooth is determined to be too unhealthy to crown, our dentist can replace the tooth with an implant-supported crown.

Crown and Bridge Treatment: If you are missing one tooth or a couple of adjacent teeth, a dental bridge can be an effective and affordable way to restore your smile. Typically for this treatment, our dentist will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap to receive crowns, and in collaboration with our partnering dental lab, our dentist will design a porcelain bridge with crowns on either end to anchor the bridge. As in the case of dental crowns, your crown and bridge treatment will leave you with a beautiful, naturally appearing smile. Alternatively, you may decide to have a dental implant to retain an implant crown, or in the case of multiple missing teeth, to support a multi-unit implant bridge. Implant treatment is longer lasting, more stable, and in the long term likely to cost less than repeated crown and bridge treatment. Our dentist will explain your options and the relative costs. Once again, we would like to stress the experience and expertise of our dentists. Just like you do, our local Smile Design Dentistry dentist wants what is best for you and will strive to give you the long lasting results you deserve.

Implant Retained Dentures, Crowns, and Bridges: At Smile Design Dentistry, we advise our patients to consider the benefits of restoring their missing teeth or severely diseased teeth with prosthetic teeth on dental implants. Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots that not only restore strong biting strength but also are the longest lasting treatment for filling in your smile. We recommend replacement of missing and severely damaged teeth with implant retained restorations because they are so predictably successful and long lasting. When your crown, multi-tooth bridge, or denture is implant retained, your smile will appear naturally beautiful. Your teeth will function optimally with full biting strength. And, your bridge or denture will not slip. Dental implant treatment to replace missing teeth does not involve modification of adjacent healthy teeth to hold a bridge or denture in place. Dental implants conserve bone tissue by stimulating bone growth and halting the progression of bone resorption that occurs when natural tooth roots are lost. If you are in need of a full denture on your upper and/or lower arch, you will find you can eat all of your favorites foods once they are implant retained. You will enjoy total freedom from adhesives, and you will always smile with confidence. With proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, your dental implant replaced teeth can last the rest of your life. Your local Smile Design Dentistry dentist will be happy to inform you fully about your implant options and answer all of your questions. The first step is to call!

We Want You to Have a Healthy Beautiful Smile!

We have a convenient location near you. We welcome both year-round residents and our many Florida part time residents and visitors. We are here for all of your dental needs! To learn more or to schedule an appointment with a Smile Design Dentistry dentist in Tampa Bay and Central Florida, contact us today.