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Implant Hybrid Overdentures

A hybrid overdenture fixed on dental implants can completely restore natural function and appearance for individuals who have lost or about to lose all of their natural teeth on an upper or lower arch.

What is a hybrid overdenture?

A hybrid overdenture is a full denture (including prosthetic teeth and gum tissue) that completely covers the upper (maxillary) or lower (mandibular) alveolar ridge and is firmly anchored to the jawbone with dental implants. This type of denture can only be removed by a dentist. All slippage is eliminated. If you currently wear a removable upper or lower complete denture, you will be delighted to know you will be able to drink all the beverages you want, at any time of day, without concern about your denture slipping. If you wear a removable complete upper denture, you will be happy to know that a maxillary hybrid denture does not cover the palate of the mouth. This means you will be able to fully taste and enjoy all of your favorite foods again.

Do hybrid dentures cost more?

The initial investment is more expensive than a new removable denture, but removable dentures eventually require relining or replacement, which adds to their cost over time. The many health and quality-of-life benefits make this treatment well worth your consideration. We can assist you in applying for a no-interest payment plan with a third-party credit company for a period of months, dependent on your credit rating. Our no-interest credit options include: CareCredit, GreenSky, and Lending Club.

How do I learn if I am a candidate for an implant hybrid denture?

The first step is to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. During this consultation, you will receive an exam and learn if you are a good candidate for this type of treatment. You’ll also learn about other treatment options, and we’ll help you compare the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of the various types of dentures. We want you to feel comfortable in exploring what is right for you. You won’t be pressured into accepting treatment.

How many implants will I need?

A lower hybrid denture can be fixed on as few as four dental implants. An upper denture can be fixed on as few as six dental implants. Our Smile Design implant dentists will design treatment with the minimal number of implants that is right for you.

Will I need to have a bone graft?

Fortunately, most edentulous patients are good candidates for hybrid overdentures without needing bone grafts or other bone enhancement procedures.

What are the advantages of this type of denture?

Fixing a custom hybrid overdenture on implants has many benefits, making this treatment today’s highest standard of care for edentulous patients.

  • Hybrid dentures preserve your jawbone quality and bone density.
  • There is no gum tissue irritation due to dentures slipping.
  • Hybrid dentures are so stable patients report they feel like natural teeth.
  • The strength of your bite will be so increased that you can eat all of your favorite foods.
  • Because a hybrid denture does not cover the roof of your mouth, you will be able to taste and enjoy your food.
  • You will not use messy creams or adhesives to secure your denture in place.
  • Your health will improve as you drink more water and eat the full range of nutritious foods without fear of loosening your denture.
  • You will be able to clean your hybrid denture like natural teeth. Just brush and floss.
  • Research has demonstrated that, with proper care, hybrid overdentures can last indefinitely, unlike removable dentures that typically need to be replaced every five to seven years.

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