Advances and Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

At Smile Design Dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is incorporated in our everyday treatment. With today’s technologies, fillings, crowns, partial crowns (onlays), bridges and dentures are made to match the patient’s natural teeth. Over the last five to ten years, materials have become more natural and beautiful in appearance. Here are five trends we are seeing that are a result of the public awareness of what is possible today.

  1. More patients are eager to replace aging dental restorations. What drives them is the desire to save their teeth for their lifetime and to restore their smiles to youthful beauty.
  2. With today’s technology, at Smile Design Dentistry, we are able to offer you alternative materials for durable, toothlike crowns. More patients are choosing all-porcelain crowns because they are long-lasting and exquisitely beautiful. All-porcelain crowns are impervious to stains, and dark crown margins will not appear over time.
  3. More patients are choosing dental implant treatment instead of crown and bridge treatment or removable dentures for the replacement of missing teeth. This treatment provides not only best appearance but also stability and stronger function.
  4. More patients are choosing Invisalign® treatment. This is an easy, affordable therapy to align your teeth with clear aligners. Patients are choosing this orthodontic method because they will not have to wear brackets and wires.
  5. More patients are seeking full mouth restoration, according to a plan of phased dental treatments. They desire the benefits of full oral health, function, comfort and beauty. We are able to make these phases more affordable with payment plans. Our no-interest credit options include: CareCredit, GreenSky, and Lending Club.

To learn what is possible for your special smile, and improving your oral health and function, schedule an appointment with Smile Design Dentistry.