Teeth Alignment May Be the Best Way to Achieve an Optimal Smile

One aspect of a beautiful, healthy smile is the proper alignment of your teeth. Although veneers can modify the appearance of tooth spacing, tooth size, and shape, they are not always recommended treatment. This article will help you understand why a course of orthodontics, such as the Invisalign® treatment we offer at Smile Design Dentistry, might be your best choice.

Some patients ask us about veneer treatment to make cosmetic corrections, and when they are examined, they learn that veneer treatment is not the best option for them. If the patient has occlusal (bite) problems, the way their teeth come together is likely to increase the risk of veneers being damaged as the patient bites and chews.

Many adults do not want to be seen wearing braces and are impatient to get their dentistry done as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this may not be in their best interest. If your Smile Design Dentistry dentist recommends tooth alignment as part of your treatment plan, it is because they know that creating an optimal bite is in your best interest now and long into the future, for both oral health and the functional wear of the dentistry you choose.

Moving your teeth into proper alignment through orthodontics not only gives you a beautiful smile but also aligns your teeth so your teeth, jaw muscles and jaw joints work comfortably and harmoniously. The proper spacing of your teeth also results in your ability to brush and floss all surfaces of your teeth more easily and thoroughly, reducing harmful bacteria that cause dental caries and gum disease. This means you will have fewer oral health problems, need less restorative dentistry over your lifetime, and should have comfortable jaw joints and muscles.

So, if you choose to have your teeth aligned, there are numerous advantages:

  • Proper alignment enhances tooth and jaw function, thus maximizing long-term oral health and comfort.
  • Proper alignment increases the longevity of the dentistry. Both your natural teeth and your restorations will last longer.
  • Having straight teeth makes it easier for you and the dental hygienist to keep them clean.
  • If you need a crown or bridge, it will be a more optimal restoration if the teeth are aligned properly making space for the restoration.
  • Another advantage for some people is the dramatic improvement of facial appearance.

The disappointment in not being a good candidate for quick cosmetic treatment with veneers can be overcome. If you long for a beautiful smile, move forward with a conversation with a Smile Design Dentistry dentist. You might not need a lot of additional cosmetic treatment after teeth alignment. Many times, creating a functional bite through orthodontics creates a beautiful esthetic smile with minimal dentistry.

Our dentists have expertise in teen and adult orthodontics using Invisalign® clear aligners to create a beautiful healthy bite and smile. This technology is highly effective for treating mild to moderate tooth spacing issues, including mild to moderate overbites and underbites.

Smile Design Dentistry accepts most insurance and discount plans. We accept payment from most PPO, HMO, and indemnity plans. And, we also offer financing options. A conversation to learn what is possible for you and what may be best for you is where it all begins. Give us a call today!