Anti-Anxiety Dentistry

At Smile Design Dentistry locations throughout Central Florida, we want to remove your concerns and help you have the dentistry you need and desire. Whether you are afraid of dentistry in general, walk in with an urgent dental problem, are new to the community, are visiting for the season, or have been a patient and are concerned about returning to the dentist during coronavirus—no matter what your concerns, we will strive to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Compassionate Care

Everyone who serves you will be friendly and compassionate. Our dental teams understand that many patients not only dislike going to the dentist, they are anxious about COVID-19, have a strong fear of dental procedures, and are worried about paying for dental care. That’s why we take time to talk about your personal concerns and discuss how we can make a difference in your life with affordable dentistry that addresses oral discomfort, preserves teeth, can give you the beautiful smile you desire, and do so in a safe way that protects your health.

Gentle Dentistry

We pride ourselves in providing gentle dental care that minimizes discomfort. We truly care about this. Not only do we use gentle hands and soothing conversations, but we have advanced training and experience using the latest materials and techniques for ensuring your comfort.

Respect for Your Choices

We want you to feel in control of your dental care as we use our expertise to diagnose oral health problems and guide you through treatment options. Not only do we want to help you have optimal oral health, comfort, and beauty, but we also want to help you make decisions for yourself that are right for you. We will fully and honestly inform you about your oral health conditions, explain treatment options, and discuss your payment options, so you are able to make personal choices about your treatment.

The Optimal Care You Deserve

Every individual is a special person to us. If you are anxious about anything, please speak to us about your concern so we work together in removing obstacles that are getting in the way of you receiving the optimal care you deserve.

Your smile is our goal.

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