Why Teens (and Their Parents) Love Smile Design Dentistry

Our Smile Design Dentistry dentists and registered dental hygienists make it fun and easy for teenagers to have regular preventive oral health care, orthodontics, and any of the restorative treatments they may need. You and your teen will see the same family dentist every time you visit, and we will make sure your teen is comfortable every time.

We help teens SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE by providing:

  • Gentle, thorough periodontal exams and preventive teeth cleanings that keep teeth and gum tissue healthy
  • Invisalign® treatment, as needed and at the appropriate time, for beautiful, healthy teeth alignment
  • Composite fillings that look like natural enamel and are long lasting
  • Exquisite dental restorations that blend with their smile if they should break or lose a tooth
  • Removal of wisdom teeth, as needed and at the best time for easy removal, using the most-gentle procedures
  • Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” at many of our office locations
  • Humor and conversations that show we care about them
  • Sports mouth guards to prevent dental and facial injuries
  • Help with any oral health emergency or concern
  • A network of compassionate specialists to call upon if a root canal procedure or oral surgery is needed

Parents, we’re here for you, too.

We’ll spend time consulting you, answering your questions, and making sure your entire family receives the best of full- informed care.

Call Smile Design Dentistry for teen dental care at one of our locations near you. We’d love to be your family dentist.