Here’s to a Healthy, Happy Halloween!

Let’s have a little fun at the end of this month, but keep in mind what you can do to make the season happier and healthier when it comes to oral health.
Your Smile Design Dental Team wants you to remember that:

  1. If an edible Halloween treat is hard, it can crack teeth, and if an edible Halloween treat is sticky, the sugar is difficult to remove and sets up an environment for tooth decay. Review the candy your kids collect. Trade hard and sticky candies for better treats you have ready for swapping.
  2. If you or your child are frequently snacking on candy or other sugary snacks without thoroughly cleaning your mouth soon afterwards, you are setting up an environment for bacterial growth and tooth decay. Be vigilant about your child’s teeth cleaning after eating candy. Our tendency is to do a light, quick brushing and dash on with our busy lives.
  3. Serve lots of nutritious snacks and food at meals so your child (and you) crave less sugar. Intentionally serve full and well balanced meals during the week of and after Halloween.