The Importance of Baby Teeth

Smile Design Dentistry provides pediatric dental services, in addition to adult dentistry, for families in our many locations throughout Tampa Bay and Central Florida. If your child has compromised teeth, it will not only affect your child’s appearance. Dental decay and missing teeth can make it difficult or painful to eat. It could also impact her or his dental health well into adulthood. Damaged or missing teeth could also affect speech, self-confidence, and emotional development.

For all of these reasons, it is vital to protect your child’s healthy teeth, even baby teeth. Our pediatric specialists and family dentists can provide guidelines for better oral care at home. And, if your child does have dental problems such as dental decay or an injury, we will be able to help your child with a gentle touch and expertise.

Your child’s primary teeth are placeholders for a permanent smile.

It is natural for your child to lose baby teeth. When a baby tooth is ready to come out, the roots will begin to dissolve. It will then come out, and the underlying adult tooth will push through. If your child loses a tooth too early, eruption of the permanent teeth can be delayed, and it can cause serious orthodontic issues later down the road.

Dental cavities in childhood can also affect adult oral health.

Without proper treatment, decay will spread. Your little one could develop cavities in surrounding teeth, including the adult teeth. Therefore, children who have cavities have a greater risk for decay as adults. Bacteria can also inflame your child’s gums and start periodontal disease.

We gently provide preventive and restorative care for kids.

Naturally, preventive care is the best way to care for your child’s teeth. Brushing and flossing can greatly reduce the risk for cavities, lost teeth, and misalignment. It is also important to schedule regular cleanings and exams. At each of your biannual appointments, the dentist will talk to you and your child about good dental hygiene. Working together, you can instill healthy habits in your child so that your little one is more likely to enjoy good oral health for life.

If your child does develop a cavity or some other oral health problem, we will provide outstanding restorative care, specially tailored to young patients.

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